Friday, January 20, 2012

first recorded Dream Come True (DCT)

Excerpt from my To Belong In This World blog:



Kay, so this guy ... Anyhow... He sent me a text just now saying he was really hungarry. And even though he spelled it wrong so he really might not have been saying Hungary.... This is what I texted back:

Lol maybe you should czech the kitchen.

O. M. G.
DREAM COME TRUE. I always (ever since I found this: An epic conversation- "I am hungary." "Maybe you should czech the fridge." "I'm russian to the kitchen." "Maybe you will find some turkey." "We have some but it is covered in a layer of greece." "Ew, there is norway you can eat that." "I think I'll settle for a can of chile." "That sounds appetizing, I would love a canada chile as well" "Denmark your name on the can." "Are you all China be funny?")

...ohp... There it is. NOOOO HE DIDN'T GET IT!
Ah well, it was so amazing while it lasted.